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Independence for the hobby farmer and small operators is finally here! This simple, easy to use Terrain twine mini baler will not only make you more productive, but it also won't break the bank. Making bales you can handle and by only requiring 20+ hp you don't need to invest big bucks into a larger tractor to run it. Simple, Affordable, Productive.


The Terrain Premium series has innovative additional features such as, push button bale eject, auto lubrication system, optional auto bale ejection, optional tech package with smart bale app, and more. They are also built using heavier duty parts and components. The 3 point hitch connections allows you to make ultra sharp turns by lifting up the baler, giving you the best maneuverability possible. The self-contained hydraulics eliminate the need for rear hydraulics on your tractor and avoids those messy hydraulic connections. The bale rolling system uses steel rollers, which are simple and reliable, no troublesome belts! And use any standard baler twine for the simple auto bale wrap system. It can be easily run with tractors of less than 25 horsepower and its small size means it can be easily stored without taking up tons of space.



Simply the best compact baling solution out there!


330 Premium Mini Round Baler - Twine

  • Models 330 Premium
    HP Requirements 18-50hp
    Min. Tractor Weight 1,500 lbs.
    Bale Size 20"x27.5" - 30-50lbs.
    Baler Dimensions - Length



    Width (Adjustable) 51 1/2"
    Height 58"
    Pickup Width 27 1/4" (48" w/ optional gathering wheels)
    Weight (lbs.) 1023
    Working Speed 2-5 km/hr - 80-120 bales / hour
    HItch Type Cat. 1, 3 pt. hitch (optional trailing hitch)
    Tire Size 16x6.50-8
    PTO 540RPM Shear bolt protected driveline
    Hydraulics Self-contained hydraulics for opening rear gate
    Bale Binding Type Twine - Auto wrap (Optional auto bale eject)
    Bale Chamber Indicator Electric Horn, rod level indicator (optional smart bale app)
    Bale Compression Type Steel Rollers - No belts!
    Bale Density Settings 3 (manual)
    Pickup Adjustment Chain
    Lift Gate

    Hydraulic lift gate - Push button / manual control lever


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