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Standard duty finish mower perfect for use when presentation is essential - ideal for all maintained lawns, work around golf courses, sporting fields, parklands, homesteads and roadsides. Rear discharge reduces required hp and 4 independent height adjustable castor wheels allow the mower to contour over uneven surfaces to provide an even finish. Floating top hitch also allows for increased surface contouring.

FMN Series Finish Mower

  • MODELS FMN-180 / FMN-210


    Working Width 70" / 82"
    Dimensions 73.5"x50"x25.5" / 88.5"x57"x33.5"
    Blades 3 / 5
    Discharge Rear w/ debris deflector
    Hitch Cat. 1, Floating 3 point
    PTO 540 RPM
    HP Requirement 26-35hp / 35-60hp
    Cutting Height 1.25" - 3"
    Weight 506 lbs. / N/A
    Height Adjustment

    Solid caster wheels w/ spacer washers



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