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Standard to medium duty flail mowers ideal for all grass cutting, particularly tall heavy grasses, heavy weeds and light brush. The perfect fit for your fullsize compact or utility tractor and ideal for ditches, tree line edges or hedges.

These cat. 1 / cat. 2 three point hitch mounted flail mowers are made of high quality steel and will blaze through overgrown areas, storm debris, or sticks and small branches around your acreage, farm or hobby farm. These Terrain flail mowers meet the demanding needs of our Canadian land owners and will cut up to 1" thick material.

If you need to maintain more dense areas, the hammer blades will be able to cut and mulch wooded material up to 1.5 inches in diameter. This model is great for acreages larger than 15 acres. Flail Mowers are useful for jobs where you are cutting grass on uneven ground, high grass, weeds, brush, and small saplings. A flail mower doesn’t throw grass, instead it cuts finely and leaves the cuttings on the ground where it was cut making it an excellent choice for those places where you could cause damage by throwing debris. Highway mowing and park maintenance often use flail mowers because they are less likely to throw objects during cutting.

The M option is for the heavier meduim duty gear box.

AGL Series Offset/Tilt Flail Mower

  • MODELS AGL-125 / 145 / 185 / EGFL-165
    Cuttting Angles +90° up / -53° down
    Working Width 48" / 57" / 72" / 65"
    Tractor HP 28-35 / 30-40 / 40-50 / 35-50
    Hitch Cat. 1 three point hitch
    PTO 540 RPM
    Height Adjustment Adjustable rear roller and skids
    Drive 3 Belts
    Blades - No. Straight Cut Hammer Blades - 20 / 24 / 32 / 28
    Weight (lbs.) 581 / 594 / 682 / 609
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