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A ground breaking finish tiller for up to 75hp. The IGN Series Heavy Duty Rotary Tillers will handle all of your tilling and breaking needs. Prepare soil in flower beds, gardens, landscape beds, turf grass seed and sod beds. Also break up heavily compacted, unworked soils to allow for better water percolation and air movement to plant root zones and weed control.

From laying turf to cultivating small crops, these tillers are perfect for preparing your topsoil for planting - by creating a seed bed finish that is ideal for crop and lawn preparation - improving productivity, as well as presentation.

They have the standard forward rotation, same as the tires of the tractor when traveling forward. This rotation requires less horsepower to operate; allows for a smoother bed of soil behind the tiller, and allows rocks to expel without recycling them through the tiller.

The working depth is adjustable with replaceable side runners and allows for 2″ – 8″ deep tilling depth.

The tines are made of hardened tool steel. These tines are precisely spaced to maximize tilling coverage while at the same time reduce jamming caused by rocks and debris.

The rear deflector keeps dirt in and maintains a level finish. It is shaped and formed for additional strength. The adjustable deflector level allows for various finish results.

IGN Series Rotary Tillers


    IGN-150 / 170 / 180

    Tine Rotation


    Working Width

    57” /  67" / 71"

    Overall Width

    68” / 75" / 80"

    Tractor HP

    26-35 / 30-50 /  40-75hp

    3 Point Hitch

    Cat. 1 & Cat. 2


    Up to 18” to the right

    Gear Box Maximum PTO HP

    65 / 65 / 75 hp

    Number of Flanges

    7 / 7 / 8

    Number of L shaped Tines

    42 / 42 / 48 (6 per flange)

    End Drive

    Gear to gear

    Double walled housing


    Rotor Swing Dia.


    Tilling Depth


    Rear Deflector


    540 rpm pto drive line

    1-3/8” 6 spline


    651lbs / 704 / 770lbs

    Storage Stand


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