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Compact potato digger with shaker rack for rear discharge. Connects to Cat. 1 three point hitch tractor with PTO. It easily digs up hilled potatoes and leaves them on top of the ground in a clean neat row for picking up. Designed for 15 - 30HP tractors and ideal for large gardens, small plots, and hobby farming. Works with numerous rhizome crops such as potatoes, oinions, garlic, peanut, etc. (results may vary)

Potato Digger - PTO Powered

Color: Red
  • MODEL AP-90
    Working Width 19"
    Overall Width 42"
    Length 52"
    Height 34"
    Weight 321lbs.
    PTO 540 RPM
    Tractor HP 15-30
    Wheels Ajustable air filled


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