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Ideal simple machine for planting large plots of potatoes, oinions, garlic or other tubers. 
3PH mounted with ground driven conveyor lift cups that carry the seed potatoes out of the hopper and plant automatically.
The adjustable front shovel digs the furrow and the adjustable rear discs cover and hill the potatoes.
A spotter should look for any empty cups on missed potatoes.
Furrow, plant, and hill in one pass!

Potato Planter

Color: Red
  • MODEL PT32
    Row Width 24"-30"
    Overall Width  28"
    Length 47"
    Height 59 1/2"
    Weight 303lbs.
    Drive Ground Driven
    Tractor HP 15-40
    Tires Grip / Air filled
    Plant Spacing  12 1/2"                
    Cup Diameter 2 1/2"
    No. of Cups 19


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