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As a tedder: it can spread and flip the green-cut materials and windrows, for drying evenly. Spread, swath or windrow, so crops dry down faster. Tailor your tedding operations to a variety of crops and conditions by varying PTO speed or tine pitch (angle). Fixed-tine position provides aggressive tedding and is ideal for use in fresh-cut material or crops where leaf and shatter losses are not a concern. Cam-operated tine position allows the tine bar rollers to follow the cam track to lift and release crop gently and save valuable leaves


As a rake: it can collect the dried cuttings into windrows for the baler to pick up and bale. Precise raking action produces fluffy, uniform windrows that dry evenly. Self-centering wheels provide extra maneuverability by allowing you to make sharp turns and back up easily without lifting the machine.


Main Features

1. Strong, rugged frame provides years of dependable performance.

2. Rotor tilt (pitch) can be adjusted easily with a convenient crank for maximum crop handling.

3. PTO speed is variable, so you can match ground speed to crop and field conditions.

4. Three wheel-height positions let you adjust for different crops, conditions and operations.

5. Vertical tines pick up fewer stones and less debris than horizontal tines for cleaner tedding and raking.

6. Cam track adjustment allows you to quickly tailor tedding/raking action to varying crops and conditions without tools.

7. Convenient parking legs simplifies three-point hitch attachment.

8. One machine, three functions, tedding, raking, and reversing either function.

Tedder / Hay Rake

  • MODELS RXHR-2500
    Tractor HP 20-50hp
    Raking Width 78"-98"
    Tedding Width 72"
    Working Speed 4 - 8 km/hr
    PTO 540RPM
    3 Point Hitch Cat. 1
    No. of Teeth 12 (vertical)
    Height Adjustment 3 position settings on swivel wheel
    Weight (lbs.)

    352 lbs.


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